Shoes Racks Storage Organizer

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Shoes Racks Storage Organizer Detachable Shoe Racks Saves Family Household Rack Multi Layer Simple Shoes Shelf Color Cabinet

Project Description: A simple slipper rack at the entrance of the dormitory, a multi-layer space saving household shoe rack, a dust-proof shoe rack, and a foldable plastic storage shoe cabinet.
Product: Shoe rack
Material: Plastic
Style: Minimalist
Space: Small footprint
*1. Multi layer storage with free splicing, DIY combination.
*2. Small stature, large capacity, and reasonable use of space for free combination.
*3. Small footprint, space saving, easy to enter, bid farewell to the chaotic entrance.
*With a height of 4, you can easily pick up shoes of all sizes, making your love for shoes clear at a glance.
*5 thick materials, strong load-bearing, stable and durable.
Packaging: 1 piece
Attention: Due to manual measurement, please allow for a difference of 1-3 centimeters.
Due to differences in display and lighting, images may not be able to display the actual color of the item. Thank you.

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