5 Décor Hacks To Beautify Your Bathroom

Nothing can put a damper on your morning enthusiasm more than getting up from bed with fresh hopes of a new day, and walking into a sullied, dingy bathroom that lacks inspiration. Don't squint at me with scepticism, give it a thought. Even if all the rooms in your house are adorned with the best of modern furniture and expensive decor items, a drab and dated bathroom will stick out like a sore thumb, not only to the guests that come over, but also in your own head. Because even after spending several hours in your beautiful living room, on your luxuriously plushy couch, every time you feel the urge to use your bathroom, you will also feel a sense of dread. 

A bathroom renovation is highly far-fetched especially given the current state of the world, but there are a bunch of simple and quick (!) things you can do, to instantly brighten up your bathroom and toilet space. These cutesy bathroom decor ideas will add that much-needed touch of fun to your bathroom, spruce up an otherwise blah area of the house, and make you look forward to brushing your teeth every morning. 


Image Courtesy - Freepik 


1. Decorate Your Sink Mirror With Positive Art & Messages 

Since your mirror is probably the first thing you really look at in the morning, surrounding it with bright, happy art, and re-affirming messages will be an added boost to your motivation to seize the day! Whip out some colourful sticky notes and fill them with positive notes. Now put these up around the mirror atop your sink. You can also put up your favourite photos with loved ones or cherished mementoes like the ticket-stubs from your first date with your boyfriend. 


2. Add A Few Pops Of Colour 

Even if you don't have enough resources or space to redecorate your bathroom, just adding a select few decor elements in vibrant colours could bring in some cheer. Like? A fuschia pink faux fur rug, a neon green hand towel or a yellow laundry basket! These minimal additions will go a long way in freshening up your bathroom and its dated decor. 


3. Put A Vintage Tray Or Basket On Your Counter 

If you're guilty of leaving a thousand trinkets and makeup brushes on your sink counter, here's a fun way to both play up your bathroom decor, and organise some of your stuff. You can look for storage baskets in wicker or straw, great for decorating your bathroom with some rustic, vintage appeal. You can also bedeck your sink counter with an interesting tray for your jewellery and trinkets.

4. Add Some House Plants 

My go-to decor rule? If all else fails, just bring in the house plants! Luckily, the same decor hack applies to our bathrooms. A couple of green succulents or house plants in pretty planters, can really amp up the aesthetic appeal of your space without the need for more decor objects. You can get your hands on some very quirky planers in a variety of shapes online, like here at Nursery Live.


5. Get Attractive Dispensers For Your Products 

A simple yet effective way to play up your washroom space is to store your essential toiletry products in attractive dispensers. Co-ordinated dispensers in different hues of the same colour, or with the same quirky print will add some much-needed uniformity to your bathroom aesthetic. You can also look for additional accessories to math your dispensers with, and soon you'll have a carefully decorated space with a unique style.