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An electric tire inflator pump is a compact and convenient device designed to quickly and efficiently inflate tires with ease. Typically powered by electricity, either through a wall outlet or a vehicle's DC adapter, these pumps offer a hassle-free solution for maintaining optimal tire pressure.

Compact in size, they are easily portable, making them ideal for keeping in your car for emergencies or taking along on road trips. Many models come with built-in pressure gauges and LED lights, allowing for precise inflation and easy use even in low-light conditions or at night.

Equipped with various nozzle attachments, electric tire inflator pumps can be used not only for car tires but also for inflating bicycles, motorcycles, sports equipment, and inflatable toys. Their versatility makes them a valuable tool for both automotive maintenance and recreational activities.

With their rapid inflation capabilities and user-friendly operation, electric tire inflator pumps provide a convenient solution for keeping your tires properly inflated, ensuring safer driving conditions and extending tire lifespan.



Item Width: 9.5

Voltage: 7.4V

Item Height: 6

Item Type: PUMPS

Item Weight: 0.45

Material Type: ABS+electronic components

Item Length: 13

Choice: yes


Power: 100W
Air pressure range: 3~150psi
Function: inflatable / pressure measurement / lighting / automatic charging and stopping / five inflatable modes
Trachea length: 15cm
Gas flow: 40L/min
Material: ABS+electronic components
Product size: 13*9.5*6cm 0.5kg
Applicable: car/motorcycle/bike/ball/inflatable toys

Wireless Type:
Voltage: 7.4V
Battery capacity: 3600mah batteries
Charging time: 3-4h
Battery life: 15-25 minutes

Package Included:
1* Rechargeable Wireless Car Air Pump
3* Gas nozzle
1* Air Tube
1* USB charging cable
1* User Manual

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