Kids Bathing Shower Cap

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Your Kids Will Love This!!!

The most difficult task for the parents while washing their baby's hair is to prevent the soapy water going to their eyes. The soapy water can cause irritation in kids eyes and they start crying which makes it hard for the parents to wash their hair. But, BIPARZA  is here with KIDS BATHING SHOWER CAP ,the best solution to this problem.  


Protector: This is the best shield to protect the kids eyes and ears from shampoo and water. It is designed in a way that the water and the shampoo will fall apart from the child's face and kids will not feel irritated while bathing.


Adjustable: The cap is adjustable. It has buttons at the back which can be adjusted according to the size of baby's head. It is suitable for the children aged between 0-6 years. 

Soft material: It is made from soft Eva material and new improvement style which will not hurt you kid's skin. 

Prevents breath clogging: Some kids clog their breath when water enters into their nose and eyes, hence KIDS BATHING SHOWER CAP  is the best solution to prevent these things from effecting your kids body. 


Product Specifications:

Age group: Babies

Age range: 0-6 years

Material: EVA Resins

Size: Adjustable (Resizable)

Material type: Plastic

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