Knife, Scissor And Mower Blade Sharpener Tool For Kitchen

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There's no greater feeling than cutting with a freshly sharpened knife !

This Electric Knife And Scissor Sharpener tool is versatile and easy to use, high-strength engineering plastic body, durable. This multi-task sharpener tool also compact and easy to carry.

Why you need a sharp knife ?

Save Time & Energy: You need to use force when cutting with a dull knife. However, using a sharp knife requires zero effort,  saving you tons of time & energy.

Safety First: An unsharpened knife can easily slip and hurt your fingers. Sharp knives effortlessly slice anything, giving you control over the blade, and keeping you safe.

Make Cooking Fun: No matter what it is you're cutting, it should always feel like slicing through butter. A sharp knife can make prep enjoyable and even therapeutic.

Our Sharpener tool can sharpen almost every type of blade such as sports knives, butchers knives, pocket knives, scissors, etc.


  • Size: 60mm x 70mm
  • Type: Blade Sharpener
  • Material: Wear-resistant Plastic + ABS + Stainless Steel

Package list:

  • 1 * knife sharpener with double blister packing

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