Portable Vacuum Sealing Machine

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  • By removing all of the air from inside a bag, bottle or jar, applying heat to firmly seal them closed, your food products will be fresh for 5 to 7 times longer. Meat won't brown in the bag, food stored in the fridge won't get freezer burn, and dry goods won't get bad or buggy. The less time you spend shopping, the more money you save.

  • This food vacuum sealer has 2 selectable food modes that allow you to preserve dry and wet foods. Choose the "dry" for solid food without liquid and the "wet" for poached, simmered or liquid foods. The touch-button controls also make this food sealer user-friendly.

  • As all we know, Food spoilage is caused by tiny creature and oxygen in the air. So we designed this vacuum sealer machine, which can remove air and automatic sealing, Achieve the purpose of effectively delaying food spoilage.


[Strong Suction]

Can quickly evacuate the air.

[Keep fresh]

Prevent meat deterioration, vegetable rot, and food odor.

[Simple Interface]

The simple and clear operation panel can be operated with a single finger.

[Quiet and Low Noise]

Use mute and not be noisy.

[Wide Range of Applications]

Suitable for dry/moist/soft/powder food.


Dimensions: 373 x 80 x 98 mm

Item Weight: 640g

Color: Black

Rated voltage: AC 100V-240V/50-60Hz

Rated power: 90W

Package Includes:

1 x Vacuum Sealer

10 x Food Bags


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2. Please allow slight measurement deviation for the data.

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