Tablet Computer Universal Tablet Holder For Car Rear Seat

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Product introduction:

Category: Tablet base / bracket  Style: Rotary

Applicable size: 121*270mm 

Applicable model: Ipad

Baby applies to: ipad2/3/4 Samsung domestic tablet


1. A seat back bracket suitable for ipad size and other tablet devices. 

2. Ultra-thin CD device can be used in addition to ipad. 

3. The telescopic structure is convenient for quick disassembly and installation.

Installation steps:

Step 1 / Two steel pipes that buckle the headrest bracket into the front seat headrest

Step 2 / Replace the gasket with different thickness of steel pipe

Step 3 / Combine the X-type (or Y-type) mount with the headrest bracket

Step 4 / Loosen the lever on the back of the mount, adjust the height and depth, and fasten the lever.

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