Anti-Snoring Nose Clip

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 Peaceful Sleep, No More Snoring!

These Magnetic Nose Clips will let you experience quieter, more restful nights once again.

Cant sleep well at night?

Caused by your partner snoring?

Help is here now!


Works great my wife finally gets to sleep. No more snoring and sleeping on the sofa. Finally, get to sleep next to each other.

Peter Davis - customer


Sleepless nights are commonplace for those who live with anyone snoring. Unfortunately, an estimated half of the population do snore when they fall asleep. In some cases, the snoring becomes too loud and too frequent that you just want it to stop. 

If you have adopted an anti-snoring stance and decided to put a stop to disruptive noises, Anti-snoring Clip may be able to help. We have designed a product that naturally eases the body into a more relaxed state to facilitate freer breathing and stop snoring. 

These Anti-snoring Clips are designed for all snorers! It facilitates the widening of the nostrils by improving the breathing of the nose. This can not only reduce snoring but also promote the circulation of air in the nose and increase the flowing of air.


Anti-snoring Solution - This nose clip is the solution for all snorers! The clip has been scientifically designed, it can not only reduce snoring but also promote the circulation of air in the nose and increase the flowing of air. Relieve the burden and pressure of the respiratory system. 

Comfortable & Fit Perfect - The snore stopper is made of high-quality soft medical silicone that helps ensure you can get the safest and most enjoyable sleep. BPA free. Safe, convenient, and applicable to any shape of nostrils.

Easy to use - Its very comfortable to wear and barely visible with no side effects or allergies. Hygienic, convenient, reusable in short, the matching box provides excellent protection against dust and dirt and makes the product more durable.

Multi-functional - This nose clip not only prevents the usual snoring, it changes the habit of oral respiration during sleeping to improve your breathing when you have a congested nose. In addition, you can use the nose clips when exercising such as jogging and hiking to breathe better and more effectively.

Clean and Reusable - We use medical-grade silicone in our snore magnetic clip devices. They are free from BPAs and are fully washable. Clean it up and reuse our no snore ring as needed.

Effect of The Anti Snoring Clip


The effects of our anti-snoring nose clips go beyond your sleeping hours. Not only can these clips help stop snoring, but they may also have a positive effect on respiration.


Regular use of this anti-snoring device may change your oral respiration habits, especially while sleeping.


The effect may carry over upon waking, allowing you to inhale more oxygen and possibly strengthening your immune response to respiratory conditions.

How To Wear The Anti-snoring Clip?


- To wear our anti-snoring clip is a simple and straightforward affair.

- Insert both ends of the anti-snore device into your nostrils and simply hold the snore clip’s bottom part against the septum. - They won’t fall off while you’re asleep, thanks to their strong magnets.

- Adjust until the fit is snug yet not overly tight for your sleeping comfort.

We recommend using the device for at least 7 consecutive days for best results.


Clean it daily after use with mild soapy water and air dry.


Package (by pcs):

You have 3 sets to choose

  • Set 1 (2 x Nose Clips)
  • Set 2 (4 x Nose Clips)


Type: Anti Snore Nose Clip

Material: silicone

Pressure Range: 4-20 cmH2O

Color: Transparent

Size: 1.4*2cm



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